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         --Calender should be checked for important events/operating days 
                  Visitors Rules & Information
                     MONDAY - SATURDAY
       HOURS AFTER 8 PM SLT: RP animals & Press Only
*Sanctuary Access/Fee: 250 Lindens Per Person - GROUP ONLY
*Sanctuary Access w/ Rez Rights: 500 Lindens Per Person 
::Exemption to the fee should be address to
::Subject Line: " Fee Exception " include your avatar name, rezz date, and category type number.
                        in the body of the email to schedule a one-on-one interview to determine your eligibility
Exception Categories: 1) You are new to Second Life but retain equestrian knowledge.
                                  2) You are a blogger/HQ Photography with an audience of at least 100
                                   --> Make sure to include your flikr or work sample in the email
                                  3) You RP as a species of animal, preferably a native species resides in Oklahoma

Interested in working with us? We will notify public potential job positions to the group via notices & FB, with detailed information on how to apply

*Must read this information before accessing the sanctuary*  
*Want to join the Spanish Colonial Herd, Staff or RP? contact: Ursus Broono  

Our mission is to spreαd αwαreness regarding the preservation of the Spanish Colonial Horse by providing Matoluta Sanctuary αs α venue for photography, nature, roleplay, animals,and memories.


Originally bred by the Spanish approximately 400 years ago, these horses are now facing extinction. They no longer live in Spain, as they were bred by the conquistadors. Later, they became the original horses of the Native Americans. In the 1700's they were the most popular horse on the continent.The sanctuary hopes to educate visitors about the importance of conserving the homeland of these beautiful horses in present day Oklahoma, United States.

 For additional information and activism inquiries, please refer to:


1) Limit Griefing (Such a thing is hurtful to everyone)
2. Helping towards tier costs and making the Sanctuary possible (Ensuring our continuation) 
3. The sim will be open for free on certain days periodically
 --> View Calender Here:
4. To sponsor events on the sim for all to enjoy
5. Preserving the land for horses who reside in the Sanctuary and help emulate the Spanish colonial in Real Life via RP.

LANGUAGE:  At any moment children may be present upon the sim. Be polite and respectful of them,
We highly encourage you enable chat and notices, as we send all information notices periodically.

A friendly PG-13 environment is mandatory. We have a few simple rules we expect ALL visitors and residents to read and adhere to while staying with us. Failure to do so may result in being ejected from the sim or group, or even being banned permanently. with or without warning.

1) KEEP IT PG ALWAYS - this is a PG FAMILY sim. NO sex or adult activity is allowed here, EVER. This is an INSTANT BAN offense. Those on two legs should be clothed appropriately.   Animals are allowed to display gender differentiation but should NOT be blatantly showing off their bits or engaging in any kind of breeding.

2) Absolutely no advertising, or requests in the Sanctuary without owners consent.

 We have a welcome package which includes a Role Playing attachment.  Animals are encouraged to use the animal channels. Humans do not want to hear about the newest bridle or coat or tack. People are encouraged to role play with any of our animals. Or just appreciate watching us play.  RP is not mandatory but is fun for many of us.

We reserve the right to eject and ban without questions asked.
Please take common sense into consideration and be kind.

  Please enjoy your stay, any donations (tips) given aside from the fee help to make the mission of Sanctuary possible.Thank You!
  **A Monthly Budget Report/how Funds are spent will be provided to the Public for Review via live spreadsheet** 
     ..:Contact Information::.
Founder/Owner: Peyton Godde
Contact via Notecard Preferred

Matoluta Sanctuary was Landscaped and designed by Mz Marville
☑Web Bio:
♦ The creators of the content utilized to decorate the sim are the the licensed and intellectual property owner.
♦ Information available on is of the licensed and intellectual property of the organization.
♦ All chat is logged and recorded♦. If you do not agree then DO NOT IM Us.
☑: It is our policy to provide equal respect to all potential clients and visitors without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, military or veteran status.

☑::All rights are reserved.

July 13,2014

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