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Masau Dance Event

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           ~*Matoluta Sanctuary.*~
              -Converse Freedom-
August 8th,2014  from 4 pm slt 8 pm SLT

We Invite you to a Masau dance, a Cheyenne tradition which goes back to the time when the Cheyenne came into the black hills or, what is known as the 'badlands'. A Masau dance is represented by animals and animal people through dance.

This event is group only which can be found when you take the landmark and teleport to the location.
Attire: Native Inspired,Animal, PG

Native American dress code: To show respect , we ask that you refrain from utilizing a traditional Native American headdress unless you are familiar with the significance and willing to take on the embodiment as a permanent lifestyle in Second Life. If you come with a headdress, be prepared for an interview with staff. Failure to comply with our standard will result in an automatic eject and or ban.

Our views on cultural appropriation:

The celebration of culture is personal. Native American culture enforces the concept of sharing.Sharing of education, love, and joy. We offer this celebration as a tribute.We believe if we've been given life,give life back, If you have been given shelter, Give thanks ... If I've been given health, Give respect. Roleplay attires, mystical,spiritual, and personal interpretations are acceptable as long as it is PG.

You are invited to make your own personal and objective opinion about what it means to celebrate Native American culture,as well to learn about a culture through experience. Use this opportunity and venue to express how you feel. The sanctuary is meant to be a refuge for peace, and the advancement of  rights.

-How you celebrate Native American Culture will very Personal-
However,here are some residents who would like to share their thoughts.

Individual Quotes/Feelings:

Tonic "Honoring each other,like all dancers dance differently and that too is celebrated.  It should be like a pow wow where distant friends are seen again and have a chance to catch up and to dance together once more"

Zaaf from Plurk "I love the way Native Americans wear their art. Like beading on moccasins, etc. some of the work is so intricate, it's a feast for the eyes."

Maya  "Disregarding sexualized stereotype of the squaw is a valid way to celebrate Native American culture"


If you wish to be authentically dressed for this event, tomorrow August 3,2014 AFTER 2  pm slt :: August 3,2014 Harmini Idlemind will be offering a sale. Both Female and Male native attires at her store will be 375 lindens.

Her designs can be found at her mainstore! SLURL:

Keiran Fang will be offering free styling help.
Contact him by notecard only, if you wish to get a response.
☑:Our mission is to spread awareness regarding the preservation of the Spanish Colonial Horse. Matoluta Sanctuary is a venue for photography, nature, roleplay, animals,and memories.
☑: It is our policy to provide equal respect to all potential clients and visitors without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, military or veteran status.

☑::All rights are reserved.

July 13,2014

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